Cannabis Dynamics is dedicated to the development of new hemp technologies as well as the promotion of the hemp industry. Cannabis Dynamics promotes positive lobbying for the hemp industry all over the United States and great places in the world.

Our Mission:

"Working with US Hemp producers and processors to lobby US lawmakers to move forward with positive hemp legislation, and to bring hemp production to the Western United States"

News and Updates

Heya Everyone!
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We are really moving forward and sorry we haven't posted much recently.
Currently we are working on, and should have a good design sometime next week. Then we will be hopping up for the other two companies. Once everything is built we will really be able to continue to upgrade and work great for everyone.
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Posted on Aug 16 2019 by dford
Post Update
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Hi everyone! This is just a short post to make sure we put this system in good. Thanks and talk to you all soon!
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Posted on Aug 08 2019 by dford

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