I love the fact we have all began to come together for cannabis. Working together often includes people really working hard in this industry. Below we will include great links to our partners. Thank you for coming by and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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New Years coming in Las Vegas!
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This is great folks! I set up my trip to Las Vegas for Dec 29th - Jan 3rd! And meeting some of my greatest friends from Las Vegas for one hell of a time. I look forward to seeing you all! Especially one of my greatest ladies I had ever met and was able to spend some great time with.

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Posted on Nov 11 2019 by dford
Lookin Great!
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Our site has undergone some more updating today and we will begin working on all the other pages. We have brought together another site this week as well. Keep your eyes out for www.FavoriteWeed.com!
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Posted on Oct 28 2019 by dford

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